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Embedded HOGP profile fails to pair with Windows 10

Question asked by Paulstrom.Bjorn on Feb 17, 2017


I am doing some embedded programming on a stm32-nucleo board with a 0DB05A1 BLE shield. I am trying to make a HOGP perihperal (HID over BLE). When I try to pair my device with windows it fails with "Driver error". I'm guessing the problem is on my side. I want the bare minimum to be able to use the peripheral as a Boot Mouse.


Currently I have the following services and characteristics.


The default GATT from GATT_init

The defualt GAP with the following: PERIPHERAL, PRIVACY_DISABLE

HID Service

   Report map characteristic       - Read

   Protocol mode characteristic   - Read, Write w/o response

   HID Information characteristic - Read

   HID control point characteristic - Write w/o response

   Boot mouse input report char   - Notify, Read

      Client characteristic configuration

Battery Service

   Battery level characteristic   - Read

      Characteristic presentation format

Device information Service

   PnP ID characteristic            - Read

Scan Parameters Service

   Scan interwall window char  - Write w/o response


I am guessing I have missed some characteristic or service. Any help to what is needed would be appreciated.


HOGP datasheet -