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STM32479I-EVAL Camara to USB Aplication

Question asked by martin.sergio on Feb 17, 2017
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   I recently bought the STM32479I-Eval board and now I'm testing the sample applications included in STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.14.0


   The application "STM32469I_EVAL\Applications\Camera\Camera_To_USBDisk" does not work as expected, the LCD screen shows the messages:

USB Init...

Camera Init...

and then:


Press TAMPER button to take a snapshot

Camera Play     


but only a fully blank image on the LCD. When I press the tamper button to save the image:


Camera stopped...

Picture Prepared...

Saving Picture in File image_x.bmp...

Header BMP written...

BMP data Pixed save ongoing... 


the LED1 is on to indicate the end of saving operation and a message is displayed:


File image_x.bmp saved in USB Disk...


but the image that is saved (Attach file) is completely blank.



Should I need to modify the position of some other* jumper or even modify the code of the example to run this application in STM32479I-Eval?



* Note:

JP3 of STM32479I-EVAL board is on position PC0.

USB key into the STM32479I-EVAL board through 'USB micro A-Male to A-Female' cable (connector CN8).


Thanks in advance,