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UART / USART HAL function to stop reception  /  HAL bug-track system

Question asked by Laureg on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Amel N

Hi all


In the HAL F1, Is there a function to stop serial reception and reset the UART HAL driver state?


e.g. when I start a new reception in interrupt mode to receive 10 bytes, but after some time I decide to stop the reception and reset the uart HAL state back to "stand by", discarding any data that (maybe) were received before completing 10 bytes (and hence before triggering the callback function)

Isn't this function lacking in HAL or am I missing something?


And another question / suggestion:

Is there any sub-forum where we can follow HAL bug-tracks / fixes / possible new HAL versions release dates and etc?

I already suggested/reported a couple of features/bugs regarding the HAL lib, but I feel like the process isn't transparent to the user (like me) at all, every time a new version is released there is no information about which bugs/features where corrected or added...