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STPM3x Evaluation Software - Read Buffer Length Insufficient

Question asked by Rob Parsons on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Emanuel A



I have an EVALSTPM34 board.

I am trying to access the board via the UART using the 'STPM3x Evaluation Software' v3.1.0.0


J7 has 3.3v supply attached. 

J2 has TTL-232R-3V3 cable attached.

PC recognizes the TTL-232R-3V3  as COM5.

J3 jumper is removed.

SW1 has all SWs in ON position.


I start up the STPM3x Evaluation Software.

Options > Interface = USRT, COM5, 9600

I press 'Open' and get success.

Options > Configuration > Application tab = EVAL-STPM34

I press 'Apply' and get a pop-up dialog box that says:


Read buffer lenght insufficient.   < Yes, 'length' is mis-spelled.

The operation has timed out.


Has anyone had a similar experience?

Is there a newer version of the 'STPM3x Evaluation Software' ?


Rob Parsons

Schneider Electric

Knightdale NC USA