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STM32 interfacing FingerPrint Module GTS-511E2  through I2C

Question asked by Agrawal.Vikas.001 on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by KIC8462852 EPIC204278916

Hi All,

I am using GTS-511E2 fingerprint module and i want read data through I2C. 

According to fingerprint module datasheet we need to read EEPROM register value, which i  have read successfully.

Now next part is read default register values of CMOS sensor GC0329 through I2C, i've done configuration as per the data sheet of sensor (I have used sensor device address write address is 0x62 and read address is 0x63).

But the issue is i am not able to read default values.

and i have also tried  reference example given on datasheet but i am not understanding how they are setting register value.

Can anyone help me to solve my problem.


Thanks and Regards