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DFU - FAIL VERIFY - 8 byte align magic...

Question asked by shingadaddy on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by AvaTar

So I'm DFU'ing. Successfully bootloading the device with the USB connections on PA11 and PA12 DFU is built into the STM32L476. Plodding along and loading my micro a few times with a few different compilations all good. THEN ----  POOF. One of them won't verify using DFU.

So I try a file that just *DID* work with DFU.

Yep - It worked again ??   WTH over.

Dump the offending file into the device with STLink  ----  works.....

I repeat a few things, including inappropriate workplace language and its consistent. (The PROBLEM. Not the Language. I try to mix that up a lot. )

So thinking I have the all singing and dancing IDE (Truestudio), I look for PAD out options. D A R N if I can find it.

So I visit here again (I like it here) and I look here and find



Get your HEX EDITOR (XVI32) out and add PADDING?


The word LAME comes to mind. And "DFU" takes on a whole other meaning. It's inside a 64 bit part for crying out loud.. Why doesn't the BLOWN IN DFU version know that - and ALIGN so the flash programming *blocks* are padded to 8 bytes?


Okay there's the blatant whining and complaining part. Can someone embarrass me with the obvious little tidbit that I *must* be overlooking?