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Doubt on STM6600 use

Question asked by Verdecchia.Andrea on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Verdecchia.Andrea

I want to use the STM6600 controller to manage the power ON/OFF of my microcontroller system. In the specific I want:

- Turn ON the system simply pushing a button.

- Turn OFF the system simply pushing the same button.

- Force the power OFF pushing and holding the same button.

I read at pg. 5 on the STM6600 datasheet that

"By a long push of one button (#PB) or two buttons (#PB and #SR) either a reset is asserted or power for the application is disabled depending on the option used."

It says that pushing one button (#PB) OR two button (#PB and #SR) I can disable the main power

Then at pg. 10 it says

"A short push of the push-button during normal operation can initiate an interrupt through
debounced #INT output (see Figure 14) and a long push of #PB and #SR simultaneously can
either assert reset output #RST (see Figure 18) or deassert the EN or #EN output (see
Figure 19) based on the option used."

In this case it says that, to disable the EN signal, I have NECESSARILY to push two button: the #PB and the #SR simultaneously.
Now I'm a bit confused. If I want use only one push button to have the behaviour described above, I have to connect to ground permanently the #SR input of the STM6600 controller?