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LPS25HB questions

Question asked by L.J.003 on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Miroslav B

We are evaluating the LPS25HB BP sensor, and have a couple of questions. I notice that several forum members have asked similar questions, but without receiving a reply. I would really appreciate an answer, as this would indicate that the LPS25HB is not an "orphan", unsupported product.


1) The datasheet mentions a soldering effect on BP, and says that a register is available to store a one-point calibration. There are no other details at all about this in the datasheet. We have found substantial (~0.5 kPa+) pressure inaccuracy in samples we have tested. Is this to be expected? Exactly how are we to use the calibration register? How is it calculated? Again, these are important points for any user, and the datasheet gives no meaningful information.


2) We notice a very substantial temperature effect on BP. It appears that no temperature compensation is being done internally to the chip, although the datasheet mentions quadratic temperature compensation, and claims that a 20-60C change will cause only a 20 Pa (0.2 hPa) change. I see that magnitude of change or greater from a ~5C ambient temperature change with no significant change in actual ambient BP. Does internal temperature compensation need to be turned on? Or is it up to the user to determine an empirical temperature calibration?


Answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated and will help us to evaluate the LPS25HB relative to competitive sensors made by other manufacturers.