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BlueNRG-MS fw 7.2c hangup

Question asked by Maxim Yachniy on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by Maxim Yachniy

Hello everyone.


I've been working for a long time with SPBTLE-RF modules in our project. I never experienced any problems with these modules.


But now we've redesigned our PCB and are going to use BlueNRG-MS chips directly placed on PCB (QFN case, 16MHz ext. oscillator + 32768 Hz ext. low freq. oscillator, step-down converter active).

And it doesn't work... Interestingly that FW upgrades without any problems (we are embedding fw image into our software and uptate chip softwarte if it's version is lower than 0x723). IFR (generated by me especially for my hardware design) is updated and verified also without any issues (as I understand both of the mentioned actions are done by BlueNRG-MS bootloader).


But  when it comes to configuring chip - it hangs. First of all I'm trying to configure DIV, ER and IR keys. DIV programming passes (BlueNRG-MS returns 0 status), but all subsequent operations (ER, IR programming, gap/gatt initializing, etc.) fail - I do not receive any interrupts from BlueNRG-MS and no data is pending on its side if I issue the interrupt manually.


Does anybody knows what can be wrong with the chip?

Thanks in advance for any answers or tips.


PS: the same code perfectly runs on older PCBs that have SPBTLE-RF.