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External Wake up source configuration using code generator

Question asked by Mujeeb Shaik on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hi All,


I am using SPC560B-Discovery board,

SPC Studio Version: 5.2.1


I want to configure WKUP[2](Pin Number :PA[1]) as external wake up source,

I didn't find any call back function code generation for wake up using Code Generator,

I am expecting there should be some way to generate code for wake up call back function,Same as how we are generating code  for EIRQ call back function using Code Generator,

whether it is possible to generate call back function for Wake-up sources same as EIRQ,

If possible please guide me how to generate the Wake up call back code,

If not possible to generate code  for wake-up source using Code generator,

Please provide me some sample code to configure external wake source (Example : when switch press,system should wake up)


Thanks in advance,



Thanks & Regards,