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Cube MX generated LwIP: Binary file uploading crashes the progarm if the network is overloaded

Question asked by vass.szabolcs on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Tomas Zahradnik

Hello everybody,


I'm working on a webserver application, and I use the lwip 1.4  tcp/ip stack generated from the Cube Mx older version. Unfortunatelly I don't remember which version of Cube Mx because it was a long time ago, when I generated this project.(2015) But I know that version of Cube Mx containes just the Lwip 1.4, while the latest version of Cube Mx already contains the LwIp 1.5. This project is an old project and sometimes I paused to develop other projects, but it's the time when I would like to finish it.

I'm working on STM32F407 device. I implemented the binary file upload, which wasn't implement on the stack in default. Sometimes when I try to upload the files, get TCP retransmission and TCP Dup Ack error on network capture. Sometimes the file upload was succesfully and somtimes wasn't. Can You tell me somebody why it's caused? I didn't find the right solution up to now.

The two captures(one when the upload was succesfully, one when wasn't) I attached in the attachments.


Please use the following filter to see the captures between my PC and my device: ip.addr ==


I asked this question on the lwip developers forum, but they said, that this stack is a vendor specific stack, and ask from You.


Please help me to find the right solution together.


Kind regards,