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Controller0.Core2- Can't establish Connection to Target

Question asked by Chandika.Siva_Sankar on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Chandika.Siva_Sankar

Hi, we are using Spc5 studio as IDE, UDE STK - 4.8 as Debugger.


Initially we flashed, debugged and observed output, After that we modified the code and flashed, Disconnected target connection. Then after we are trying to flash we are getting the following error messages and unable to flash.



we checked JTAG cable and Target power these are fine, Tried PC restart also still the same status. 


Help us to where we can check Target's boot, PLL and Censorship password configuration, Processor RESET state.  


Please look into this issue ASAP and let us know if we have to do anything else to flash the code.
Thanks in advance.
Looking forward for your response.