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USb OTG FS Device Mode with STM32F412/411

Question asked by Dona.Nalika on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Tut

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get USB OTG FS working with STM32F412/411 MCUs in device mode but unfortunately the PC doesn't recognize the device. Cannot figure out if it is a hardware or software problem because I do not have a proper code which is proven to be working on STM32F412/411. STMCubeMx generated code for USB_FS_OTG_Device mode also doesn't work for any of STM32 MCUs (tested on STM32F429IIT6, STM32F412/411). I do have a working application for STM32F429IIT6 in USB_OTG_HS_Device mode but this code doesn't work for STM32F412/411 after modifications to USB pins and clocks even though the USB OTG circuit is similar in both cases. The USB Analyzer shows that the device doesn't respond to the packets sent by the Host. Please find attached the USB analyzer screenshots of working USB device on STM32F429IIT6 and not-working USB device on STM32F412. Could someone share a working USB OTG FS Device mode code for STM32F412/411 please or anyone who had the same problem and found a solution please share your ideas. Thanks!