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STM32F427 FS USB OTB peripheral not re-establishing communication

Question asked by story.mark on Feb 8, 2017

An STM32F427 micro application that uses the FS USB OTG peripheral.


We have a condition where the the signal noise is large  enough we end up with thousands of these errors and communication stops.

I believe we get a reset from the windows driver( host) .


Normally get a reset if the usb cable is unplugged and re - plugged in . When the Device is unplugged a suspend interrrupt happens.

When it is plugged back in, I get a usb-reset, and enumeration is started , and every thing is fine, I can reestablish communication.


It is when I have errors and the cable is still plugged in, and I get a usb-reset from windows I CANNOT re-establish communication.


Some code was added to Re-Initialize everything with a core reset, when I get a "USB Reset"  as if I was starting from power-up. This seamed to work sometimes but not always ;


Is this the correct procedure or is there a USB Peripheral specific reset code that should be used?