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L6230Q VFQFPN32 High Side Voltage Drop = 2.6V

Question asked by John.Eric on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Enrico Poli



i our Motor Control Board with FOC i have very high losses in the Driver IC L6230Q in the VFQFPN package.

In the On-Time of the High side i have a differenz of 2.6V between the Operatine Voltage (21V) and the Output Voltage on the Motorphase. (see picture)

Channel 2 (blue) = Opperating Voltage

Channel 1 (yellow) = Out 2

measured direktly on the pins of the L230

One of the other Phase is Low (Low-Side On) and the third one is Open (EN is low)


With the thermo camera i can see hot points (>100°C) in the chip. so there is no bad soldering.


The schematic is equal to the datasheet.


With the P-Nucleo IHM001 i dont have this high losses. On this Board the L6230Q is in the big PowerSO36 Package



Anyone ideas?


Thank You