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About SPWF01SA connection

Question asked by mutlu.mert on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Tia Meng

Hi i want to use SPWF01SA wifi module, but i'm confused about connections.  I want to control SPWF01S with another mcu and in my schematic i've connected only rx,tx, vcc and gnd also one connector like jtag. But i did not understand how to program module ? My jtag connections right ?  In SPWF01SA with nucleo board schematics, there is a connector like a jtag. (Below en.x-nucleo-idw01m1_schematic.pdf) I need help about connections with my mcu and also RTS and CTS pins. I write details below pictures. My design is SPWF_wifi.PDF.  I'm sure that, there are forgotten connections. 


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