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What type of connectors to order for bottom Zio pins?

Question asked by Howard.Timothy on Feb 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Dan Mackie


I've established that the pins on bottom of Nucleo-F767ZI (144) are ST Zio connector – CN7, CN8, CN9, CN10 (relevant 2 pages from UM are attached).


I want to create PCB on top of which I will be able to plug in the Nucleo-144 board. What should I order, can anyone share advice? I tested that board's pitch of the bottom pins is 2.54 mm (because 2.54 mm ribbon cable fits, UM doesn't mention "pitch" word nor shows this on the mechanical drawing). The PCB for discovery board that I need to edit is following:


PCB for Discovery board


Pitch between the holes on left and right is correct, 2.54 mm. But what part should I use to be able to plug in the Zio pins that are on bottom of Nucleo? After I change PCB to have  2x10 (CN7), 2x8 (CN8), 2x15 (CN9), 2x17 (CN10) series of holes, to match Zio. Is my approach overall correct? I'll be transmitting DCMI data.