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PWM generation using STM32F051R8T6 for Inverter application

Question asked by Thorabale.Ajit on Feb 5, 2017

We are using microcontroller STM32F051r8t6 for one of our application. We are currently working on power inverter using microcontroller. To drive MOSFET bridge we are generating PWM signals which are given to MOSFET driver. The problem we are facing is  that the MOSFETS burns out when the mains ON when charging pulses given. As the MOSFETs burns out driver also gets affected which inturns affect microcontroller. May be we are missing some consideration while coding, So can any one please suggest some solution for this.  

To generate PWM signal we are using TIMER1 in PWM mode 1 and PWM mode 2. Channel 1 and 2 iof TIMER1 are  used in PWM Mode 1 and Channel 3 and 4 are used in PWM Mode 2.  

There are two modes Discharging and Charging. 

-> In Discharging Mode the PWM wave is generated on all four channels by giving sample values of sine wave in Capture Compare Register of TIMER1. 

-> In Charging Mode on Two channels that is channel 1 and 2 made low and on Channel 3 and 4 the PWM pulses are generated.