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Will this Arduino shield (GAMMA-ARD) work with Nucleo?

Question asked by Howard.Timothy on Feb 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Howard.Timothy

Hello farnell has this shield:

RF SOLUTIONS  GAMMA-ARD  Arduino Shield, 868MHz Operation Transceiver, Remote Telemetry Link, Range up to 16km


It's 868MHz Operation Transceiver, link is above.


I think there's 5V vs. 3.3V problem, is that correct? Only those shields that tolerate lower voltage will work. In my opinion ST should test all interesting Arduino shields out there, and publish a list. Too bad Wish List is closed now, I would submit this request – testing of Arduino shields, like it has been done with the Adafruit TFT shield (the default firmware handles the shield).