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SPC560B54L5 EIRQ  interrupt issues..

Question asked by Santhamurthy R on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hello All,


I am currently working on SPC560B54L5 controller. I am trying to setup a EIRQs  interrupt functionalities but facing issues while generating the code.


Procedure followed and problems faced while generating the code for EIRQ:

1. Created the project based on C/C++ using SPC5studio

2. Added SPC560B54L5 platform component

3. Added SPC5studio PIN map wizard

4. Selected the necessary IO pins in pinmap editor

5. Later added clock,LLD,board init and IRQ components to the project.

6. Finally, generated the code successfully without any errors


But the I/O definitions for the selected pins are not generated in board.h and board.c ,

If I try adding the I/O definitions manually in those header files the code executes as desired


Please help in auto generating the IO definitions during code generations, after the IO settings as explained, or guide me the right way to do IO settings if I am wrong



Thanks in Advance....