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UART- Packet data to be received and processed - Timing handler

Question asked by Ch.Pradeep on Feb 6, 2017

I have data coming through UART interrupt to STM32F4, I need to stop receiving bytes after say 20millsec.

It was implemented using Std peripheral library, I am trying to implement the same in HAL library:


void LoggerInterfaceEOPHandler(void)
if(LoggerInterface.EOP_Timer != 0) 

if(LoggerInterface.EOP_Timer == 0) 
LoggerInterface.RxInterfaceEvent = 1;


void TickHandler(uint32_t data)
// Blocking Timer Handling


In the UART ISR, after every byte reception, I assign variable LoggerInterface.EOP_Timer = 20 (20 msec). The above function LoggerInterfaceEOPHandler() decrement 20 msec every 1 msec in steps.

Usually, individual bytes of a packet are received in less than 20 msec, so LoggerInterface.RxInterfaceEvent variable will not be 1.


After a packet reception, when there is no more data to come for a while, LoggerInterface.EOP_Timer become 0 and LoggerInterface.RxInterfaceEvent becomes 1 and the received packet or buffer is processed.


Could some one point how to implement this kind of operation in HAL library ?