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CubeMX 4.19 Fails To Load I2S RX DMA Configuration

Question asked by Robert Rath on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by Imen D

CubeMX version 4.19 fails to load the I2S DMA configuration when used in RX mode (peripheral to memory).


I have confirmed this issue is repeatable over a range of parts and I2S modes. The consistent factor seems to be I2S RX peripheral to memory DMA configuration.


The following steps will reproduce the issue described.


a) Using CubeMx version 4.19 start a new project.

b) Select any STM32 part which supports an I2S peripheral.

c) Enable I2Sn in either master or slave modes.

d) Configure I2Sn 'Paramter Settings' for Transmission Mode 'Receive'.

e) Add a new DMA Request,  SPIn_RX.

f) Save the project, close project and then reload the newly created project.

g) Note the loading warning messge 'The SPIn_RX DMA request was not loaded.'

h) Note that the DMA configuration for I2Sn is no longer in the configuration.


I have confirmed that once the DMA has been configured, the target code will be correctly created.


Does anyone have a work around to this short of re-configuring the DMA every time the project is loaded?


... Robert