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STM32F429i-DISCO with 512Mbx16b memory

Question asked by karpavicius.linas on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by T J

Hello, in my project i need to have more SDRAM than original 4M*16b.


So i ordered 32M x 16b ISSI IS42S16320d-7TL that fit's inside the same footprint, and i soldered single jumper cable to PG2 as well as modified GPIO init code for this pin.



But what else do i need to modify in order to run this memory ?


In examples i runned SDRAM test code that checks all SDRAM but even

  FMC_SDRAMInitStructure.FMC_ColumnBitsNumber = FMC_ColumnBits_Number_10b; ( changed from 8b to 10b)
  /* Column addressing: [11:0] */
  FMC_SDRAMInitStructure.FMC_RowBitsNumber = FMC_RowBits_Number_13b;//FMC_RowBits_Number_12b; (this is also changed to 13b from 12b)

Is that it, or should i do more ?  ( problem is that shorting PG2 to ground, example did not generate any problem)