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Are there any protoshields available?

Question asked by Howard.Timothy on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by brown.andy.001

I'm using an Arduino protoshield and see how cool thing it is. I think people are mostly skeptical about Arduino support in ST Zio / Nucleo, however the ability to arrange on Arduino protoshield, solder and then plug into STM board is great. Over a dozen jumper wires and plastic breadboards are ugly, here there is nothing like that.


I'm wondering if ST does provide ST Zio (and/or Arduino subset of it) and ST morpho protoshields?


ST could release kits with proto-boards, headers, ribbon cables, also jumper wires, etc. Maybe it would be sold well.


Also what are ST Zio and ST morpho options in general, i.e. are there actually any extensions in sell that are using those connectors?


Here is ST-Zio and its Arduino subset, on Nucleo F767ZI, F746ZG, F429ZI, F207ZG, H743ZI:

F767ZI, F746ZG, F429ZI, F207ZG, H743ZI