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Question asked by amarr.mandha on Feb 4, 2017

Hi sir,

My name is amar. Presently am working on ESP12E module and trying to communicate with STM through HSPI protocol(GPIPO12=HSPI_MISO, GPIO13=HSPI_MOSI, GPIO14=HSPI_CLK, GPIO15=HSPI_CS).

Am just sending AT command but module is not responding to that command..
But my side CLK,MOSI and CS are fine(i checked all in oscilloscope)..

I googled about ESP12E module but no one explianing exactly about module and finally confused me.

I have major doubt is How to jump into HSPI Mode??????????

I thought ESP12E 3 SPI Modes from that HSPI is one.

some where told that ESP12E will not give response for AT commands through SPI mode

for that purpose I shifted to HSPI


Please help me sir

Thank you.