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STM32F746ZG STM32F767ZI unexpected, unwanted Reset

Question asked by Joerg Wagner on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Joerg Wagner

I use NUCLEO-F746 and NUCLEO-767, CubeMX 4.19 with FreeRTOS and LWIP.

No Watchdog, enough space for sprintf() stack behaviour and SRAM1 only.

DC power comes from a DCDC 24/5V converter, super clean, monitored by Oscilloscope.

My software performs a Reset approx. one time in an hour, but no NVIC_SystemReset command is in the code.

I adopted the project on the NUCLEO-767ZI board, same result. The board is connected

to my peripheral board for signal conditioning, every signal is isolated with a digital isolator.

A FRAM is used to keep track of the "Reset" counts.

First I thought there are just 3 ways only to reset a controller.

Any ideas? I appreciate any help. Thank you.