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STM32L051 and VREF out

Question asked by Siloret.Lauret on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Jocelyn RICARD


I selected the STM32L051C6T6 for a small project (package LQFP32)

The datasheet states that this microcontroller has a VREFint out pin (PB1, additionnal functions).


I just can't find out how to output the internal analog reference voltage on this pin. There is absolutely no piece of information on how to do this on the datasheets.


I enabled the VREFINT bit in ADC_CCR register (I can actyally read the Vref value with the ADC), I tried differents MODER settings for the GPIOB (alternate mode, analog mode), had a look into PWR_CSR register and the VREFIN
TRDYF is 1.


But still no 1.224V on the output.


Does anyone have an idea ?