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R or L, missing part, schematic errors at Application Note of CR95HF demo board

Question asked by Tamas Novak on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Peter Boringer

What is the role of 0ohms in demo CR95HF reader (application note AN3394). Demo gerbers call these 0 ohm shorts not Resistor but "L01" and "L02". Are they neccessary?


On the picture of the PCB (page  6/29 of the same AN3394 Doc ID 018754 Rev 5)   R12 is not seated. Is it neccessary?


On the same figure (page 6/29 AN3394) C17 seems to be NOT parallel to C3, but R1-C17-R5 circuit is "above" C3 track. In theory 229pF is needed where parallel  200pF+15pF is used. Do I need to "finetune" capacitance this way if 220pF is only +/-10%.  Is this so sensitive?