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ST Visual Programmer not programming .hex file properly

Question asked by Winkelmann.Christian on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by laurent_l


I use the ST Visual Programmer to flash a stm8S007C8 and this is working good, until the size of the .hex file is bigger than 155 kB. After this size the STVP shows an error/warning that it is out of range

"FILE : line 3602: Address 0xXXXX is out of range and is ignored!" (see attached picture 001). The range (0xXXXX) starts from 0x8000 until 0x8BC7 (this depends on the size of the .hex file). If I flash the stm8 it's not starting because its overwrites/ignores the interrupt vector table. I have 6 kB left on the memory of the stm8 but i can't use it because of this problem.

Is there a solution how to fix this?


Thank you for your help.