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Configuring linker to use external SRAM for stack and heap space

Question asked by mcclean.g on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by near

I am new to the STM32 and struggling to configure external SRAM for stack and heap space.


I have a custom board based on an STMF103 which is defined using STM32CubeMX with external SRAM.


Using sw4stm32 I can access SRAM as memory mapped memory starting at 0x68000000 from my application so the FSMC and memory timings appear to be fine. 


Looking at the application notes I should be able to use the SRAM for heap and stack space and the notes give examples for all toolchains except sw4stm32. Generally, the application note suggest that the toolchain will included a custom linker file for this type of configuration. This file does not seem to exist within sw4stm32.


I understand I should be able to modify my exiting STM32F103ZETx_FLASH.ld but my attempts don't seem to have any effect.


Does anyone know how to achieve this or have I missed an application note somewhere?