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STM32L0x clock

Question asked by Scott Dev on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Scott Dev


  I am new to the STM32L0x processor, and have moved from a freescale 8 bit controller. The first thing I am looking at is the system clock. I have a few questions hopefully someone can help? Many Thanks


I understand the 2 external oscillators, HSE and LSE. I am planning to design low power applications, and not sure if I have picked this up correctly, as only used to 1 system clock:

  1. If I use an extarnal 32.768Kz external crytal for the LSE, I see it can be used for the RTC, can this be used as a clock for the UART, and timer channels?

  2. If I do number 1., do i use an internal clock for the SYSCLK?


Many Thanks