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Cannot access memory

Question asked by panas.slava on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by kim.jeong_geun

I try to programm stm32f405RG MCU using stm32f4-discovery as a programmer. I use Keil 5. I connect chips throgh SWD. I can load prodramm on stm32f405, but it doesn't work. I run debug session in Keil and see, that programm doesn't run after SystemClock_Config(). Going step by step I get a lot of 'Cannot access memory' messages in Command window. Approximetly at line 'else if(RCC_ClkInitStruct->SYSCLKSource == RCC_SYSCLKSOURCE_PLLCLK)'. The same program for stm32f4-discovery works properly.405 and 407 have almost the same characteristics. I think that problem is in using SWD.