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L6235 commutation scheme

Question asked by Spoerl.Georg on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Spoerl.Georg

We got a problem with a specific motor:


With the standard connection one direction of rotation has a significant lower torque and also at 2 specific hall sensor states the current to the coil is switched off !

Changing the connection of the motor coils and Hall sensors ( OUT1-> coil2, OUT2->coil3, OUT3-> coil1 and the hall connections the same) cures the problem.

What is the reason for that ?

There is no hint in the data sheet, no hint in an application note. Also when i tried to get in contact with ST i failed. 

ST seems to have the philosophy "our products, your problem" To get in contact with a FAE is impossible whether trying via distributors or even with a desperate call to ST headquarter here in Germany.
I regret very much to use a Product from ST because if there is an (even serious) problem one ist left alone!
Worst support ever !