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TIM3 Clock Frequence is ZERO

Question asked by JW.Li.001 on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Sirma Siang

Hi, everyone! I am writing code for a NucleoF303K8,using std periph lib . I am trying to output PWM via the D3 pin, which is PB0 of the chip. It doesn't work. So I try to find out what's wrong. But when checking the clocks, I found the TIM3 Clock's Freq is 0.

Here is I have done:

1) using the code below to get all the clocks:

  RCC_ClocksTypeDef board_clocks;


2) checking the sysclk:

    the board_clocks.SYSCLK_Frequency is 72000000

3) checking the TIM1 clock

    the board_clocks.TIM1CLK_Frequency is 72000000

4) checking the PCLK1:

    the board_clocks.PCLK1_Frequency is 36000000

5) checking the HCLK

    the board_clocks.HCLK_Frequency is 72000000

6) checking the TIM3 Clock

    the board_clocks.TIM3CLK_Frequency is 0

Now I can't figure out what's wrong and what I miss.

Waiting a little help from the forum!