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STM32F427 DFU-Mode

Question asked by Stephan Scherer on Jan 31, 2017
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I try to implement a bootloader via dfu mode.

In my applicationi write a magic value and perform a reset.


In the bootlaoder i read the magic value and try to jump to the system memory.

Therefore i try this:

Bootloader_Dev PROC
    EXPORT  Bootloader_Dev    ; bootloader via USB device
    LDR  R0, =0x40013800    ; SYSCFG_MEMRMP register laden
    LDR  R2, [R0]
    LDR  R1, =0x00000001
    ORR  R2, R1
    LDR  R0, =0x40013800
    STR  R2, [R0]
    LDR     R0, =0x00000000
                LDR     SP,[R0, #0]
                LDR     R0,[R0, #4]
                BX      R0


Sadly it didn't work. I have to switch off and on the power supply to enter the dfu mode.


Anyone know what I make wrong?