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about osxAcousticEC

Question asked by zhang.tianlei on Jan 30, 2017
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I have a few questions about osxAcousticEC:

1. I need the AEC profiling. Doc UM1966 says I can find the information in osxAcousticEC_Package.chm, but I really could find anything about the MIPS, RAM and Flash. I will need this information to see how much CPU horse power is left for us to handle our own function. Can anybody clarify on this? I want to use 32F746GDISCOVERY kit as the start-up project.

2. We are currently using MentorGraphics CodeBench as our IDE. The IDE supports 32F746GDISCOVERY board. Can I import the osxAcousticEC library in to this IDE? I noticed that there is a GCC version of library in the package. Is this the one I can use?