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Strange behaviour with BlueNRG MS embedded

Question asked by marie.Julien on Jan 30, 2017

Good morning everyone!


I am actually working on two different electronics we created (different layout) both embedding Blue-NRG MS (FW 7.2.c).

These electronics are embedding the Blue-NRG and also a STM32L acting as host. The STM32L's are embedding the same FW, driving the BlueNRG). on both electronics the same configuration is applied: BlueNRG advertises and presents one service containing two characteristics


On one of the two electronic model we see very strange behaviour regarding the way BlueNRG answers to the connection request of a USB Bluetooth dongle or any android mobile running typical Bluetooth app (nRG Connect)


After successfull connexion between master and BlueNRG, master tries to detect the services. On the "strange electronic" the BlueNRG answers its service list 8 seconds after the request has been sent from master.... on the "normal" electronic it is almost immediate.


Does anybody has experienced such a problem during development with BlueNRG MS ? Maybe a HW perturbation could lead to such issue (we measured power supply voltage, clocks etc) and no differences from our understanding between the two electronics.


Thanks very much for your support!


Best Regards