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DATA EEPROM not accessible/wrong data on STM32L100C6 with Eclipse

Question asked by t..alex on Aug 20, 2014

I am developing software for STM32L100C6U6 and make use of internal data eeprom.
I use Eclipse with JLink and gnuarmeclipse Plugin.

My program uses code from the st library to write data eeprom. I am sure the write operation works as the microcontroller reacts as if the data was available (also after power-up and checked on many different ways...).
Anyways after writing the eeprom in debug mode, I cannot see the written data in the Memory Browser, expression view and Memory view at 0x08080000 as expected. Whole eeprom reads 0x00.

At power-up my program reads data from eeprom which works fine when I press the run button in eclipse after power-up or reset.
When I step into the reading-routine everything is read as 0x00 no matter what is in the cell! So when I hard reset the chip again after this and just try again without stepping into it works fine! I am sure there is no eeprom write between these steps - it only depends on stepping mode.

How can it be that eeprom is read as 0x00 when in stepping mode but read correct when running over it? Could this simply be an eclipse bug?

Anyone faced this or a similar problem?

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