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Question asked by avi_crak.videocrak on Jan 29, 2017

Command Set exclusive recording / ldrex / strex reading. The program takes off on operations in the field of memory sram1 / 2 (stm32f746).
In cortex_m7 chip there are many options for internal memory (total 320 Kbytes), including:
DTCM-RAM = 0x2000 0000 - 0x2001 0000
SRAM1 = 0x2001 0000 - 0x2004 C000
SRAM2 = 0x2004 C000 - 0x2050 0000
All memory is in linear space. But ldrex / strex teams are working in the field of DTCM-RAM.
My idea of an exclusive read / write operations: the shadow instruction register addresses ldrex / strex must be cleared by reading / writing to the given address of the cortex of the nucleus. Memory Operations in the cortex not the core should not cause an error exclusive read / write. ldrex / strex operations should have no impact outside the core cortex.
But it turns out otherwise.
Question - how to live with it, and what a treat.