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Question asked by Hassan.Waleed on Jan 28, 2017

Hi. I am Ph.D. Student work on design, analysts and contrl 5-Phase PMSM mtor. I used STGIPS20C60 SLLIMM™ small low-loss intelligent module IPM, 3-phase inverter - 20 A, 600 V short-circuit rugged IGBT to feed this motor. I am using d-Space to control the 5-Phase PMSM motor. D- space gives ten PWM signal to control the motor. Six of these signal are produced as three couples with a dead time to control three legs of a three phase IPM. The other. 4 PWM signals without a dead time. I used two STGIPS20C60 to feed the 5- phase motor. My question is it save to feed the second STGIPS20C60 IPM with two PWM signals of the same phase with a zero dead- time, or I need to add an additional circuit to inject a dead time.