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Problem reading value gyroscope

Question asked by patrick.GIACOMINO on Jan 27, 2017

Hello, sorry for me level in English

I have to carry out an end of year project of electronic bts, and I am stuck at this level


I need your help to understand a lack of reading in the following code

 I use this soft : "Sensors_Reader", it is a program provided on the page of the site MBED


I have this board NUCLEO_L476RG and this shield sensors "X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1"



I receive this information in return on "un moniteur serie" :


--- Starting new run ---
Humidity | Temperature Sensor ID = HTS221 (0xbc | 0xbc)
Gyroscope | Motion Sensor ID = UNKNOWN (0x0 | 0x0)
I2C [errors]: 0x00       X                Y                Z
MAG [mgauss]:          0          536872992      214
ACC [mg]:                   0                0          134247283
GYR [mdps]:                 0                0                   5
TEMP | HUMIDITY:    27.54°C | 25.72%
TEMP | PRESSURE: 0.00°F | 0.00mbar


The problem is that I do not have the pressure values, can you help me to fix this problem


I have attached the contents of the program