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STM32F767 - Fail to access uart bootloader

Question asked by Kévin Le Déroff on Jan 26, 2017
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I'm using a STM32F767BI and I want to use the bootloader functonnality. I want to use USART1 (PA9/PA10) and the BOOT0 pin. I read AN2606 and I use pattern 9  (nDBANK(bit) = 1, Boot(pin) = 1 and BOOT_ADD1(optionbyte) = 0x0040")


So :

- I configure my options bytes (even if default value was ok)

- I set the BOOT0 pin to 1

- I power my board

-  I send 0x7F several time to activate the bootloader in UART mode.


On my board this doesn't work : the µC doesn't respond.

I tried the same thing on the F7 discovery board and it worked fine. The main difference is the µC (STM32F746 for the eval board)


I know the nDBANK register has been add on the F76X serie but I don't understand why this doesn't work on my board.


Do you have any idea ?

Thank you in advance !