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Tottaly beginner with STemWIN

Question asked by Vitor Pereira on Jan 26, 2017


First of all: I'm working with a STM32F429I DISCO-1 with the IDE SW4STM32.

I was trying to find out how to use the graphic library STemWin some days ago, but couldn't understand some things in order to do it. Even asked under another person's question, but I still don't know how to use it. Because this question would be a little off topic, a created this new one.

My question is regarding all the process involving the "includes" I have to do and where and how excactaly I have to put the files of the STemWIn library. I a hundred per cent don't know how to do it, even because I haven't worked much on Eclipse.

Also, one thing that made me really confused was the use of the function "MainTask()" on the Hello World example. It seems that there's no link between the main.c file and the BASIC_HelloWorld.c file. So, where is actually this link?


Thank you


Vìtor Pereira