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STM32L053 NUCLEO64 issues

Question asked by French.David.001 on Jan 26, 2017

Hello all. I have a STM32L053 NUCLEO64 (my third one now) and it has blown again. I can't figure out where I am going wrong. I am powering via the USB from my PC. The common theme seems to be that it happens when I am away from my PC, though I suspect it is happening when I first turn on my PC in the morning and perhaps there is an inrush of current. LED3 is flashing constantly. Is this something I can fix easily myself? I am reluctant to order yet another board as there is clearly something I am doing which is causing these boards to blow. Has anyone else had this issue with this particular board? If so how did you solve the issue? I am using several of the IO ports but they are only polling digital states and I put a 1k resistor in series with them to limit the current in case this was the source of the issue


Any help would be appreciated