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Cannot RX Serial/UART data using I-CUBE-LRWAN

Question asked by rei on Jan 26, 2017



* SX1276MB1MAS
* LoRaWAN Gateway (iC880a)
* Spectrum Analyser
* Kile µVision 5
* latest I-Cube Examples (Jan2017)


using the provided I-CUBE-LRWAN LoRa Class A example I am unable to send data (RX) to the Nucleo board from my PC over the USB UART/Seial (COM port 8, 9600bauds). Despite the fact, that the nucleo board can send debug data (TX) to mi PC and this data is correctly displayed in the serial terminal application.


Going through the I-Cube examples I found serial communications code, which I am able to compile, flash to the nucleo boards and successfully execute and exchange data. The interrupt and DMA examples alone do work without any changes.
But when I combine the LRWAN Class A code and the serial RX code from the examples (adapted to work with the vcom.c/h code) the serial RX is still not working, only TX.


Apparently the sys clock is somehow not ticking and thus, timeouts do not work. The UART RX code lands eventually in a endless loop, because systick is always zero!

I use the vanilla class A code with the needed changes to RX UART data (functions, variables, interrupts, ...).
I use the st-link serial/UART interface, which maps to the L152RE UART-2 interface.


Do you have any idea where the problem is?