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UART_Printf example on OS X, problems with USB-serial

Question asked by Sebastian Gniazdowski on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by john doe

UART_Printf example (Nucle-F767ZI, 144 pins) works correctly, I get printf output on OS X, using Zterm (PC HyperTerminal replacement).


However mouse is locked when I connect with Zterm and start listening. Computer is thus barely usable, I have to revert to keyboard-mouse accessibility feature (mouse mapped to numerical keys). The same happens with Coolterm, so this is not Zterm specific. Below is the USB-serial device that Zterm selects:


Zterm modem configuration – selecting USB


Mouse must be in the same "channel" with STM32 in usbmodemFA133. Can ST provide support on this? How to add additional "usbmodemFAxxx" driver, separate for STM32 board (Nucleo-F767ZI) ? Internet is blank at this. I think many users can have similar issue.