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STM32F4 interfacing with SPI Issue

Question asked by Vaja.Hiren on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by gopi natarajan
#define sbi(port,bit)       port |= (1<<bit)#define cbi(port,bit)       port &= ~(1<<bit)#define cb(port,bit)        port & (1<<bit) void clock_setup();void spi_master_setup();void spi_tx(unsigned char tx);void gpio_init();void spi_enable(); void clock_setup(){        sbi(RCC->APB2ENR,12);       //enable clock for SPI1        sbi(RCC->AHB1ENR,0);        //enable clock for GPIOA} void spi_master_setup(){        cbi(SPI1->CR1,15); //spi 2 line unidirection full duplex        sbi(SPI1->CR1,2);    //spi1 in master mode        cbi(SPI1->CR1,11); //SPI1 in 8 bit data format        sbi(SPI1->CR1,1);    //CPOL=1 clock polarity 1 when idle        sbi(SPI1->CR1,0);    //CPHA=1 second clock transition is the first data capture edge        cbi(SPI1->CR1,9);    //NSS software slave management---------------        SPI1->CR1 &= ~((1<<3) | (1<<4) | (1<<5));   //000 for prescaler fpclk/2        cbi(SPI1->CR1,7);    //MSB first} void gpio_init(){        GPIOA->MODER |= ((1<<11) | (1<<13) | (1<<15));  //set A5,A6,A7 as alternate function mode        GPIOA->OTYPER &= ~((1<<5) | (1<<6) | (1<<7));       //output type pushpull        GPIOA->OSPEEDR &= ~((1<<10) | (1<<11) | (1<<12) | (1<<13) | (1<<14) | (1<<15)); //output speed        GPIOA->AFR[0] |= ((1<<20) | (1<<22)); //select AF5 for SPI_SCK        GPIOA->AFR[0] |= ((1<<24) | (1<<26));   //select AF5 for SPI_MISO        GPIOA->AFR[0] |= ((1<<28) | (1<<30));   //select AF5 for SPI_MISO                 sbi(GPIOA->MODER,0);    //set 0th bit to set GPIOA_0 as output mode        cbi(GPIOA->OTYPER,0);   //Push-pull        GPIOA->OSPEEDR &= ~((1<<0) | (1<<1));   //low speed        sbi(GPIOA->ODR,0);} void spi_enable(){        sbi(SPI1->CR1,6);} void spi_tx(unsigned char tx){        cbi(GPIOA->ODR,0);        tx=SPI1->DR;        while(!(cb(SPI1->SR,1)));        SPI1->DR = tx;        sbi(GPIOA->ODR,0);} void delayf(unsigned int x);int main(){        unsigned char tx=0;        clock_setup();        spi_master_setup();        gpio_init();        spi_enable();        while(1)        {                tx++;                spi_tx(tx);                delayf(10);        }} void delayf(unsigned int x){        unsigned int i,j;        for(i=0;i<x;i++)        {                for(j=0;j<1000;j++);        }}

above code is for spi interfacing with stm32f407vg discovery board...i wrote my own bare-metal code...and i just debug this code with st-link debugger provided on board with keilV5 my code is for spi master mode..and when i enable spi SPE(spi enable bit) it will automatically reset MSTR(Master mode bit) bit..and it behaves like slave mode and i debug this code many times but i couldn't identify where i am doing wrong..

please help us little bit...