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Based on FlexRay communication driver development for SPC564A80B4

Question asked by Chamaraja.Mahesh on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Chamaraja.Mahesh

Hello all,


We are facing some difficulties with FlexRay driver development for SPC564A80B4.


  • We can able to configure the Protocol Control Registers (PCR0~31) for FR configurations, so that ECU and FlexRay module successfully able to move to Normal Active state of Flexray communication.
  • Also message buffer configurations for Transmission and reception is also performed according to number slots.
  • Tool (CANalyser) is also configured with the same flexray configurations as ECU.
  • Now, when we are sending a frame from ECU in slot 64 (dynamic slot).
  • But we observed frame error/ SERR error in the CANlyser window, also payload length is observed as zero and slot ID is 64 is visible. (Please find the attached error snapshot SERR_error.jpg) 


We would like to know what can be the possible reasons for this error.


Please let us know if any additional information is required.



Mahesh C