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STM32L152V8T6 behaving weird

Question asked by dhirajp15 on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by dhirajp15

Hello everyone,

I am using stm32L152V8T6 in my project with following peripherals enabled:

1. 36x4 segment LCD with external VLCD supply

2. 12 GPIO's configured as follows:

   a.6 pins are configured as input pull up

   b.4 pins are configured as output open drain

   c.1 pin is configured as input pullup with external interrupt

   d.1 pin is confugured as output pushpull

3.PVD interrupt enabled for low voltage indication

4.uart2 in asynchronuous

5.TIM2 enabled

I have used CUBEMX code generator  and openstm32 ide for development, the problem I am facing is the device works fine for few days and then some of the pins get permenantly pulled down/up(specially the pin configured as external interrupt gets pulldown).Is this a the hardware issue? Because the code runs fine for few days.I am keeping the device always on in stop mode and wake it up by external interrupt. I have replaced 3 MCU's from the pcb to confirm this issue and its a tough job to solder them again and again :/ .

device current consumption:

356uA in run mode

21uA  in stop mode

Waiting for the response,