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STM32F103C8: wakeup from standby using RTC

Question asked by Juha Aaltonen on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Juha Aaltonen

I've been trying to get the device to wake up from standby using RTC alarm, but it doesn't seem to wake up.

I think it goes to standby, because the debugger loses connection - the interface seems to get unpowered.


How do you set up RTC to wake up the device without CMSIS-stuff?

(I'm not using CMSIS-stuff, because I'm trying to learn the HW, not the libraries.)


I've connected the +3.3V also to Vbatt just in case...

The RTC runs using LSE, and it seems to set the alarm flag as wanted, when the standby is not entered.

(The WFI/WFE is replaced by RTC alarm flag polling loop.)


What are the steps needed to configure the system (without CMSIS-stuff) to be waken up from standby by the RTC alarm?